Safety & Gate Automation

Safety & Gate Automation

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Having an electric gate fitted to your home is a great way to take advantage of additional security and convenience. However, like most heavy appliances, automatic security gates may pose a risk of injury or damage to property if not used and maintained correctly. So, if you want to do all that you can to keep your family and property from being hurt or damaged by your gate, then here are some simple guidelines to keep in mind if you have one.Safety & Gate Automation

The Danger of the crushing zone

Automatic gates generally have safety features which are geared towards their safe usage. Such features as motion and pressure sensors which stop the gate from closing in the presence of an obstruction are possibly the most important feature of your gate.

For this reason, it is integral that the condition of these components is properly monitored, and dealt with quickly in the event of a problem. This is particularly important with hydraulic gate openers which apply staggering amounts of pressure and power during their operations.

Avoid getting limbs and fingers snagged

The crushing zone of your gate is not the only safety concern, but so too are those smaller components which operate under leverage or movement. Hinges, bearings, tracks, and various parts of your opener (particularly on swing gates) may snag limbs and digits if they are touched during their operation. This may cause minor to serious injuries which can be avoided by limiting contact with the gate when it is in use.

Always practice awareness

It is essential that all of your family members and visitors are aware of the dangers they face when an electric gate is improperly used. So, it is good practice to ensure that everyone in your home is properly informed and uses the gate with responsibility, or in the case of children, avoid it altogether.

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