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The most frequently asked questions about residential and commercial gates are answered here.

Why rolling gates are recommended for commercial use?

Rolling gates of all types hardly occupy any space. Whether automatic roll ups, security grills or storefront gates, they're all rather simple mechanisms and, at the same time, they're strong enough to secure goods, properties or office windows according to Gate Repair Forest Hills.

Should I paint the gate often?

The frequency of gate painting depends on the quality of the material, its strengths and the weather conditions. Unless the conditions are extreme, you don't have to paint the rolling gate more often than once every few years. Of course, you can do it for aesthetical reasons.

Can all gates have an automated system?

Majority of standard gate types available today can be fitted with a system for automated opening and closing. Systems are now available for both sliding and swing out gates. If your gate has a unique design, you can call our professionals in Forest Hills to check if it can be automated or not.

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